Reconcile your cloud data migrations with no code.

remove technical debt, reduce complexity, automate data validation, accelerate data-driven projects, save valuable time for delivery teams and significantly reduce operational costs.

Simple, powerful and intuitive solution designed specifically for the modern technology stack.

quickly resolve data reconciliation failures with AI-powered insights.

Data reconciliation designed for data-driven use cases.

data-recon is purpose built to address big data, analytics and AI project requirements.

Built For The Cloud

designed to leverage the power of the cloud and easily integrate into your existing data pipelines. Scale to process 100's millions / 100's billions of records easily.

Dashboard Reporting

visualise the results of every data reconciliation and effectively communicate metrics to the whole team.

AI Powered Analysis

quickly resolve data reconciliation issues with the help of AI and get insights into data discrepancies.

A cloud-first approach to data integrity

built with security and ease-of-use in mind.

Establish Trust

certify data quality and integrity and increase reliability and trust in organisational data.

Scale & Automate

easily reconcile big data in a repeatable and automated fashion. Scale to test billions of datasets at will.

No Technical Complexity

significantly reduce technical debt and data downtime with a simple and easy to use user interface.

Power of AI

leverage the power of cloud, intelligent algorithms and AI with no technical expertise required.

How it works.

With 1-click run a number of highly automated, efficient, and scalable data quality procedures to ensure the data is of the expected standard. And then produce a report to certify the consistency of the data to keep team members and stakeholders updated.

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